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Offering improvements in safety, speed, efficiency, accuracy and cost, the M-TECH system will become the preferred choice of the forward-thinking builder.

The primary design point of difference is M-TECH’s use of vertical electronic screw-jacks, as opposed to the hydraulic shoe/flipper system traditionally used in jump forms. Using vertical jacks allows earlier climbing by utilising the inherent compressive strength of the concrete, much like slip-forms. The vertical jacks also allow a greater degree of versatility, because they are all positioned above the core walls and easily adjustable from the top-deck rather than within, also allows for a far greater utilisation of space – a critically important factor for all jump systems. M-TECH’s rolling aluminium shuttering system allows easy manipulation and safe access for all fixing and pouring operations.


Our Services

These advantages, as well as the bespoke and logistically-minded design process, allow the system to operate with fewer operatives, greater safety, and higher adjustability and accuracy. Critically, the M-TECH system is also far less crane dependent.

Through collaboration with the end user, the system is further improved through a bespoke, project-specific loading and logistical design. It can easily incorporate hanging access stairs, concrete placing booms and cranes, which removes the need for secondary equipment that would require additional jumping and re-work. This further reduces the labour dependency of the construction process.

Our M-TECH technicians will assist you during the pre-assembly, erection and commissioning phase of the project. They will also oversee major wall changes and the decommissioning process.

We can also offer full-time or part-time continued attendance and reporting as well as holistic project methodology reviews.